7 augustus 2017

Monday Mural

Back from our trip through beautiful Norway! We found this mural on a wall of a building in Lillehammer, picturing some of Norway's best: a stave church, mountains with forests, fjords, and agricultural history.

I'm linking to Monday Murals.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk je weer te zien en een mooie mural gevonden!

  2. I love the scale of this mural!

    PS: Nice to see you back. :D

  3. Interesting mural with Norways's history.

  4. Good to find you had a lovely trip and even with a fantastic Norwegian mural to share!
    Best wishes!

  5. Very nice mural, Marleen. Welcome back, it's good to see you :)

  6. Welcome back !
    This mural looks very nice.

  7. That's a super mural Marleen, well spotted and welcome back ✨

  8. A lovely graphic image that could have started as a poster, yet looks beautiful on a wall. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

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