11 februari 2016

Nijsinghhuis entrance

This is the entrance door of the Nijsinghhuis, a 17th century house at the Hoofdweg in Eelde. Between 1896 and 1939 it was a town hall, years later followed by a school. a bank, an office. Then nothing.
To prevent the building from going into decline after that, it was eventually sold to the Van Groeningen family for the symbolic price of 1 guilder, under the condition that it would be renovated completely.
The Nijsinghhuis is now part of Museum De Buitenplaats. I have never been inside as it is only opened to the public on specific days, however I very much hope to visit it one day. If it looks as good inside as it looks on the outside, it´s quite promising!

10 februari 2016

Symbolising marriage

This house in the old city centre of Zwolle originally dates from 1685, as it also says on the front. It is an office building now.

The relief stone picturing a heart and 2 stars is said to symbolise marriage. It originates from a small house at the Hasselterdijk, a dike just outside the city of Zwolle. After this house was demolished, the relief stone was replaced here at the Goudsteeg no.7 in 1982.

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9 februari 2016

My cappuccino in... Antwerp

We had such a rainy day today.. it made me look forward to warm and sunny days! This photo was taken in June last year when we spent a few days in Antwerp, Belgium. Good memories :)

8 februari 2016


Vroooom! Vroooom!

Scrap-metal art in the village of Exloo.

7 februari 2016

Exloo forestry

This is earlier today in the forest near the small village of Exloo. Still grey and a bit wet here, but later the sun came through. A fine day for a hike!

A small shelter offers hikers and cyclists a place to hide from the rain, or maybe a place out of the sun during the Summer months.

6 februari 2016


Only a few sculptures are left to stay in the Buitenplaats Museum gardens during the winter months. This piece named 'Aquarelliste' by Jet Schepp is one of them, it is placed on top of a wall/grass grown roof across the Oranjerie, and pictures a lady who is creating an aquarel painting. It's a very peaceful scene.

Jet Schepp (1940) is a Dutch sculptor, she lives and works in Amsterdam.

5 februari 2016

Dutch sky

A typical Dutch sky here above a wide landscape near Norg, a village south east of Assen. Photo taken in April last year during a Sunday hike.

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4 februari 2016

Leeuwarden public library

This building at the Wirdumerdijk in Leeuwarden dates from 1880 and is known as the 'Beurs- en waaggebouw' or 'Exchange- and weigh house': a public building where all kinds of goods were weighed and sold. In the past, a public control of the weight of goods was very important, they were run by local authorities who would also use them for the levying of taxes on goods.

Since the 1980s the building is a public library.

3 februari 2016

Unmanned Aircraft

On the road through the midwest of the U.S. last September we spotted several signs warning us that drones were prohibited, like the sign on this photo taken at Mount Rushmore National Memorial (South Dakota). I suppose it is quite common then in the U.S. to bring a drone to a place like this? Or anywhere?

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2 februari 2016

Paper Art: the Harley

This Harley Davidson was one of the eye-catchers at the Paper Art exhibition last year in the CODA museum in Apeldoorn. The bike was made by using only corrugated cardboard and glue.

The details were impressive! The bike was created by British sculptor Chris Gilmour (1973).

31 januari 2016

Sunday walk

We made a wonderful walk this morning in the conservation area Het Dal van de Ruiten Aa (The Valley of the Ruiten Aa), located between the villages Smeerling and Vlagtwedde in the south of the province of Groningen.

Lots of water everywhere due to the rains of the past days.

30 januari 2016

Leeuwarden city-canal

This is the Stadsgracht ('City-Canal') with the Willemskade ('William's Quay') at both sides, located in the heart of Leeuwarden. On the right is the pancake-ship restaurant that I showed you earlier this month.

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Enjoy your weekend!

28 januari 2016

Huis De Beurs

Huis De Beurs located at the Akerkhof is a café/restaurant in the city centre of Groningen. The building dates partly from the 19th century. In the early years the café was popular with traders on the Korenbeurs, located near the café. The Korenbeurs (or: Grain Exchange) was originally used as an exchange for food grain trade.

27 januari 2016

Bicycle parking

Maybe it is a bit hard to see with the reflection in the window, but inside this building at the St Jansstraat in Groningen is a bicycle parking. And even though I´m not sure it is a public parking, with the images on the glass it can't be missed by those who want to leave their bike here.

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26 januari 2016

3D printed steel

Two more photos taken at Joris Laarman Lab, the exhibition showing works created by Dutch designer, inventor and artist Joris Laarman (1979). Several days ago I posted the puzzle chairs of the Makerchair project, assembled from bits and pieces made by a 3D printer. This round and twisting "thing" of steel was also the product of a 3D printer.

A unique project where Laarman is currently working on is a 3D printed steel bridge, that will be placed over an Amsterdam canal when it is finished. On the wall you can see an image of the bridge.
Imagine crossing a 'printed' bridge! For more information click HERE.

25 januari 2016


When we passed this newly renovated farm with its thatched roof in the small village of Exloo last December, my eye caught the word 'TURV'. Turv?? I made a few photos and later searched on the web what it meant. First I learned that this farm was built in 1722! And since very recently it's the location for the Turv Exloo Distillery, hence the word on the roof. The Smakman family will produce their own local whisky, gin, and wodka here.

Oh and before I forget, 'Turv' is an old spelling of the Dutch word 'turf', in English 'turf' or 'peat'. I like how they made the word come out of the roof.

24 januari 2016

From white to green again

After a cold week (for our standards anyway) with -11°C (12°F) early morning last Thursday, someone somewhere thought it was enough and temperatures went up to +8°C (46°F) yesterday. Bye bye snow!

Happy Sunday :)
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