24 februari 2018

Gasselte church

The Protestant church in Gasselte, known as 'het witte kerkje' or the 'little white church'. The building dates from the 14th century.

With more than a hundred graves the cemetery is one of the larger ones in the region.

18 februari 2018

Cold morning

Lots of sun today after a cold start this morning. Photo taken around 10:30 am when the grasses in the shade were still frozen white.

17 februari 2018

Us Mem mural

This mural at the Oostergoweg in Leeuwarden pictures the cow that in Frisian language is called 'Us Mem'. It is named after the perfect pedigree cow, which is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the North Sea coast regions of northern Germany and the Netherlands. The mural also pictures the city's sustainable ambitions, like placing windmills for renewable energy.

The mural was painted by Klaas Lageweg in 2010. He is an artist from Groningen city, of whom a while ago I posted another large mural picturing a pigeon pulling a milk cart.

14 februari 2018

Optician's building

"If you have to live in a crowd, you don't have to look like it" is the slogan of Post & Everaarts optician in the old centre of Leeuwarden. Isn't it a beautiful building?

11 februari 2018

Oldehove church tower

The Oldehove is an unfinished church tower in the old city of Leeuwarden. During construction -around the year of 1530- the tower began to sag and the project was stopped. In 1595 the then derelict church was demolished, but the brick tower remains. Today it leans more than the tower of Pisa in Italy!

The Oldehove is listed as national heritage. And pictured on manhole covers throughout the city..

10 februari 2018


Two seven meter high stone children's heads form a specially for Leeuwarden designed mist fountain. Facing each other with closed eyes, the sculpture by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa (1955) is called 'LOVE'. A local boy and girl aged 10-14 were models for the art work.

The city of Leeuwarden is European Capital of Culture 2018, the mist fountain is one of its projects. It is placed in front of the central station, and will start working this Spring. I am curious how it will look like with water!

3 februari 2018

Happy weekend

We had some snow this morning -I took this photo earlier today. And according to the weather forecast it is going to get really cold next week. Happy weekend!

27 januari 2018


I will be posting on this blog on a less regular basis for a while, there are just too much other things that grab my attention. Hope to see you soon :)

22 januari 2018

Near Borger

This narrow road is a service road and goes parallel to route N374 that you see on the right. At this point we are just leaving the village of Borger. The service road is meant for cyclists, slow traffic, and by the people who live in the houses there on the left.

21 januari 2018


Can you discover a mammoth in this wire netting? It is located along the 'Mammoth Path'; in an area where long ago in history mammoths lived, and from which bones were found several years ago.
A sign next to it explained that the construction was placed here recently ('here' is near the village of Borger), with the intention to let plants grow along the wire to give it a more solid look. So we will definitely make another photo some time later this year!

20 januari 2018

19 januari 2018

Left or right

A sign in the 'Land van Bartje' holiday park. I thought it was very sweet :)

17 januari 2018

Exloo storm forest

A small part of the Exloo forest -known as section 165 or 'the storm forest'- has been left untouched for the past 45 years. When after a devastating storm in November 1972 literally all trees were down, the rest of the forest was cleared out and new trees were planted.

This plot was left to recover by itself, without the help of humans. Something we don't see often here in the Netherlands! Over the years many trees have been covered with bright green moss. A wonderful part of our hike.

14 januari 2018

New Year's hike

We joined the annual 'New Year's Hike' from the village of Exloo today. With +1°C we enjoyed the organised route of 15 km. There was a short break for coffee/tea at the Exloo ice rink, which was all prepared for freezing weather but so far no ice yet.

This small building is the skating club canteen. It was crowded inside with hikers so we had our coffee outside before continuing the route.

13 januari 2018


It's January and that means tulips are for sale again. I brought these pink ones home yesterday.

12 januari 2018

Sun and shadow

I'm not sure if this piece of land in the Westerwolde region is overflowed or if there is (some) water here all year. By the look of the vegetation it might be a wet spot. Anyway there was a thin layer of ice at the front that wasn't reached by the sun.

10 januari 2018


This is road N976 leading away from Jipsinghuizen. Our hike followed the bicycle path for a while.

9 januari 2018

The Hell of Jipsinghuizen

Less than a century ago -in 1924- the province of Groningen started an unemployment relief programme to provide jobs for the many people who needed work in those days. It wasn't on a voluntary basis though; in and around a hamlet called Jipsinghuizen men were forced to dig the barren land, and for very little money. The conditions were so bad and dramatic that it became known as 'the hell of Jipsinghuizen'.

This sculpture, also called 'The Hell of Jipsinghuizen', stands across the former tram station where the workers arrived. It expresses the desperation of the past and the hope for a new tomorrow. It was made by Dutch sculptor Eddy Roos (1949).
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