12 oktober 2015

Greybull murals

On our way west to Cody, we passed the town of Greybull in Big Horn County (Wyoming) around noon. We bought a few sandwiches and cold drinks in a local supermarket and then spotted these great murals on storage buildings near the railroad station. A nice thing to find.

The town´s name 'Greybull' apparently relates to a local Indian legend who claimed that a large albino buffalo lived in the area.

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11 oktober 2015

Impressive gate

This gate on the grounds of the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills, South Dakota, impressed me more and more on each step that I came closer..,

...because of all the details!

10 oktober 2015

Prairie Dog town

Along the 18 miles long scenic Wildlife Loop Road in Custer State Park (South Dakota), you pass an area where these small mammals live, known as Prairie Dog town. Prairie dogs are a type of ground squirrel, found in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. And oh boy, they were so much fun to watch!

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9 oktober 2015

Like a moviestar

During our stay in Yellowstone National Park we saw a lot of elk or wapiti, one of the largest species within the deer family in the world. The name wapiti is from the Shawnee and Cree word waapiti, meaning 'white rump'. This female wapiti stood still in the water, apparently very relaxed..

.. as dozens of cameras clicked.

8 oktober 2015


On top of one of the street lights next to the Convention Center in Salt Lake City, during the Comic Con.

7 oktober 2015

Waiting for Batman?

Parked next to the Convention Center on the Saturday of the Salt Lake City Comic Con, see also yesterday's post.

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6 oktober 2015

Salt Lake City Comic Con

We happened to be in Salt Lake City (Utah) during the Comic Con, a comic book, movie and television fan convention. That meant a lot of dressed-up people on the streets! These girls look nice and not all that extravagant..

.. But this is! It must be a nice experience to walk around and be totally unrecognizable. However with temperatures of around 90°F (32°C) I doubt if a suit like this feels very comfortable..

5 oktober 2015

Denver mural

We found some nice murals during our holiday in the US, like this one on a curved ceiling in downtown Denver (CO).

Russel's Smokehouse is located at Larimer Square.

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4 oktober 2015


There were many visitors in Yellowstone N.P. Including these giants!

3 oktober 2015

Back from the States!

Back from our GREAT trip through the USA, starting and ending in Denver, with highlights like Custer State Park (South Dakota), Yellowstone N.P. (Wyoming), and Salt Lake City (Utah)!
I don't know where to start as there are lots and lots of photos. This one was taken in Yellowstone National Park. We were fascinated by the geysers, hot water pools, bubbling mud, and how about the colours here..

12 september 2015

Antwerp Central waiting room hall

Following up on yesterday´s post these are 2 more views from Antwerp Central Station, taken from inside the waiting room hall which is gigantic! Above is the clock at the upper level.

And this is the impressive entrance hall.

I am taking a blogging-break, see you in October. Stay well!

11 september 2015

Antwerp Central

Definitely not to miss during a stay in Antwerp is a visit to the main railway station, even if you don't arrive by train. The original station building was constructed between 1895 and 1905.

During a reconstruction between 1998 and 2007 the station was transformed from a terminus to a through station. This allows high-speed trains to travel through Antwerp Central without the need to turn around. The station is now widely regarded as the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium.
I'll show you some more photos tomorrow.

10 september 2015

My cappuccino in... Enschede

at Bagels & Beans, last Saturday. It's close to the train station and such a friendly place!

9 september 2015

Oldehove leaning tower

During the construction of "De Oldehove" church and tower in Leeuwarden around 1529, the tower began to sag and the project was stopped. At the end of the 16th century the then derelict church was demolished, but the tower remains until today, even though it is said to lean more than the tower of Pisa in Italy!
The Oldehove is listed as a state monument.

8 september 2015

Chequered floor

The Rijksmuseum Twenthe was founded through the initiative of the Twente textile baron Jan Bernard van Heek, who wanted to have his painting collection housed in a new state museum in Enschede. It is thanks to the persistence of his family after his death that the museum was actually built. It was opened in 1930.

The museum is known as "the museum of the imagination". In 36 rooms items from the present as well as from the past are displayed. There are no permanent exhibitions. Last Saturday was my first visit and I found it surprising and interesting. I will definitely go back!

7 september 2015

Like a mask on the wall

This portrait of Georges Simenon by Dutch painter and sculptor Emo Verkerk (1955) was described to be just as minimalistic as effective. It's made of oil paint on copper and wood, and hanging on the wall in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede.

Take a few seconds to watch it. Intriguing, isn't it?

6 september 2015

Coloured window

View across the patio of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe. I like the effect of the old-fashioned and thick coloured glass window.

Enjoy your Sunday! :)

5 september 2015

Playing children

Two sculptures of playing children (there was no title), made from leather and synthetic material, created by Sabi van Hemert (1967)

They are part of the current exhibition of the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede, that I visited today.

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