1 oktober 2014

Honey bees in danger

Another insect related post, but a very different one than yesterday. Since a few weeks prohibitory signs like these suddenly appeared. They have to do with 'American Foulbrood' ('Amerikaans Vuilbroed' in Dutch), which is the most serious disease for honey bees and caused by a spore-forming bacteria, specific to honey bees. The disease is highly contagious (fortunately people can not be infected!) and it will weaken and in most cases kill a honey bee colony.
To prevent the disease from spreading further, it is now forbidden to transport bees in an area several km around the spot where the disease has been discovered. This picture was taken in the town of Stadskanaal, but they can be found in a larger area in the north of the Netherlands...

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30 september 2014

Huisje van Uneken

The ´huisje van Uneken´ (Uneken's home) is an old farm house in which the Uneken family lived until 1967 and it has been left empty since. It is located in the nature reserve 'Bargerveen' in the south east of the province Drenthe. But instead of tearing it down, Staatsbosbeheer (a Dutch government organisation for forestry and the management of nature reserves) bought it and they transformed it into a giant 'insect hotel'! Window openings were closed with loam, and hundreds of holes were made into the walls for insects to enter. Small animals like mice and hedgehogs find a home here as well.

The house is closed for visitors, but it is possible to walk around it and there are footpaths and cycling routes nearby. A few weeks ago we made a nice walk in the Bargerveen area and we had a look here. It was lovely with all the flowers!

29 september 2014

Honesty box

Picture yourself on your way towards the Aysgarth falls in Yorkshire, or different falls in another place in the world.. Just before you arrive you see this 'Access Fee Honesty Box'. There´s nobody around. What would you do?

28 september 2014


Detail of a canon in the centre court of Powis castle, near Welshpool in Wales.

27 september 2014

From the archives #34

Delphi, Greece (2010)

When we visited Athens in November 2010 we made a day-trip by bus to the archaeological site as well as the museum of Delphi. With a number of myths dating from the classical period of ancient Greece (510-323 BC), the site is probably best known for the oracle at the sanctuary that was dedicated to Apollo.
I made this picture just before we left for Athens again at the end of the afternoon, viewing the village of Delphi located on mount Parnassus.

26 september 2014

Brighten up your bicycle

There's so much more to do with a bicycle than "just" cycling! We found this window display in York.

24 september 2014

Lost and Found

The Station of Richmond, North Yorkshire, is ´a place permeated with stories and memories of departures and arrivals, travelling and homecoming´, as their website says. Once a train station, it has now a temporary cafĂ© bar and restaurant, vintage lifestyle store, cinema, food shops, and an art gallery. So lots of things to do and see there. We enjoyed looking around, as it had a very friendly atmosphere. In one corner of the building (on the left side of the photo) was a small room with this LOST & FOUND -sign:

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23 september 2014

That isn't me!

..the man assured me when I took this photo, pointing at the caricature on the sheet. And indeed it was somebody on the photo who got himself drawn. Maybe as a present?
Seen in the city of York, last month.

22 september 2014

The Solognote sheep in Bourtange

Walking back to our car after our visit to the Autumn Fair in Bourtange, we saw a shepherd with his flock of sheep coming towards us.

Look how beautiful they are, I love their colour! These are Solognote sheep, a old breed originally from France. They are known as being nosy and intelligent. Here in Bourtange they graze on the steep dikes that you see on the first photo.
If you are interested to read more about the shepherd Wim Bannink, and his flock, click HERE (only in Dutch)

21 september 2014

20 september 2014

From the archives #33

Vancouver, Canada (2012)

A very 'tourist-thing' to do, but one you shouldn't miss when you are visiting Vancouver, is seeing the Gastown steamclock in action. The clock was built in 1977 to solve the issue of a steam vent in a popular sidewalk in the Gastown district. Years ago the city replaced part of the system with 3 electric motors after parts wore out, but the clock continues to use steam to announce the quarter hours with a whistle chime that plays the Westminster Quarters.
On the photo you can see the steam rising!

19 september 2014

York time

A very decorative clock in the historic centre of York ..

..and seen from the front here.

18 september 2014

17 september 2014

Before and after

In the city of York.. Up to you if you want to try their coffee or not! ;)

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16 september 2014


This is what happens when you are photographing an owl, and on the exact moment the camera says click, the owl decides to look away..  We really had to laugh when we saw what had become of this photo :)

15 september 2014

Black and white murals

These 2 black and white murals were on the same wall. I found them just off the main shopping street in the centre of Leeuwarden.

Taking part in Monday Mural.

14 september 2014

Special shaped teapots

If you like tea and you would be interested to hear about its history and see all kinds of things that have to do with tea, the current exhibition in the Keramiekmuseum (Ceramics Museum) Princessehof in Leeuwarden is something for you to visit. I went there yesterday and I just loved their collection of teapots! For this post I chose to show you the weirdest (a tank teapot) and the most stylish shape: the handbag teapot..

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