28 mei 2016

On foot in Amsterdam

View from a sunny Amsterdam earlier today, looking out from the Prinsengracht.

27 mei 2016

Bearded iris

A photo from the same part of our garden as last Friday´s photo. A couple of days ago the bearded irises started to bloom.

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26 mei 2016


Exclusive garden home in former teapot and located in a quiet neighbourhood is available NOW for starting families.

25 mei 2016

Lifeboat station

The village Egmond aan Zee houses one of the lifeboat stations of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (abbreviated KNRM), the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution. The KNRM is a voluntary organisation tasked with saving lives at sea. Along the Dutch North Sea coast, the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer are 39 lifeboat stations in total. Yearly they have about 1700 distress calls.

The station in Egmond aan Zee exists since 1824. Currently they have 27 volunteers who are able to go out to sea with their lifeboat named 'Adriaan Hendrik'.

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24 mei 2016

Sand art

 We discovered Mickey..

.. and Minie on the North Sea beach near Egmond aan Zee, last Sunday. I like Minie's eye-lashes!

23 mei 2016

Foggy beach

This was yesterday afternoon on the beach near Egmond aan Zee, a village along the Dutch North Sea coast. A cloudy day with relatively still high temperatures, which caused this fog to emerge.

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21 mei 2016

Old wall advertising

On several locations the city of Kampen has placed back old and restored wall advertisements from former retailers. On the corner of the Geerstraat and Bovennieuwstraat 2 examples can be found. The one on top is from a bakery run by the Siemerink family until 1938. The sign says:
"W. Siemerink. Brood, Banket. Kandij en Ontbijtkoek. Oudst adres voor Kamperkoekjes" 
("W. Siemerink. Bread, Pastry, Rock Candy and Gingerbread. The oldest address for Kamper Cookies") 

The sign below is from De Korenschoof, a bakery specialised in several kinds of typical Dutch bread and cookies, all first quality. The owners were Mr Stoffer and his wife, who run the bakery in Kampen until 1978.

Happy Weekend! :)

19 mei 2016


View on the Koornmarktspoort (lit: 'Wheat Market Gate') in Kampen, one of the city gates. It was originally part of the city wall and is the oldest of the Kampen city gates.

The central block and gate were built in the 14th century. At this side, where I took both photos earlier this month, is the Koornmarkt (wheat market square) and the other side faces the river IJssel.

18 mei 2016

Dandelion field

Photo taken recently on a sunny Sunday hike when we passed this huge field near the village of Gees.

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17 mei 2016

The View

The Ferris wheel at the Mayfair on the central square (Grote Markt) of Groningen city, yesterday afternoon.

16 mei 2016


View on a sunny Botermarkt (lit; 'Butter Market') in the centre of Kampen, with the Nieuwe Toren ('New Tower') in the background.
During the Middle Ages this square was the location for a butter market, hence the name. Before that it was a cemetery belonging to a nearby monastery.

15 mei 2016

Down the stairs

Looking down from the 3rd floor inside the Stedelijk Museum (City Museum) of Kampen.

14 mei 2016


Enjoying a cup of tea while my sandwich was being made, Saturday a week ago around noon in Kampen.

Have a great weekend! :)

13 mei 2016

Glass art

"The Last Supper Now" with works of Michel van Overbeeke (1942) is an interesting exhibition currently in the Stedelijk Museum Kampen (Kampen City Museum). Van Overbeeke is a versatile artist; he draws, paints, creates glass bronze and ceramic sculptures, photographs and makes videos.

All the items shown in the exhibition depict the Last Supper (het Laatste Avondmaal in Dutch), like this glass table.
The official site of Michel van Overbeeke can be found HERE.

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12 mei 2016

Sun and head

A double relief stone seen in the Oudestraat 154 in Kampen picturing a sun and a head. Where the relief stones come from and what they mean is unknown. Certain is that the relief stone with the sun dates from before 1897, as there is a photo from that year showing it.

11 mei 2016

De Bonte Os sign

Herberg De Bonte Os ("The Coloured Ox Inn") is a steakhouse restaurant at the Torenstraat in Kampen that, according to their website, is known for their love for fresh beef. I haven't been inside so can't tell you if their food is good, however I really like how they present themselves at the outside!

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10 mei 2016

Kampen city gate

Walking on the Broederweg to the Broederpoort: one of the three remaining city gates in Kampen. Built in 1465 the structure used to be part of an earth wall that was meant to defend the city.

In 1950 the Broederpoort was set up as a city museum, which lasted until 1983 when the museum moved to another spot. Then from 1983 to 1987 it was a scientific medical centre. Nowadays the gate is being used for exhibitions and as a romantic wedding location.
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