24 april 2018


This charming building at the Begine in Workum is a shop selling Frisian pottery.

23 april 2018

22 april 2018

Mother and child

We made a walk today along the Dutch coast in Groningen, along the river Eems near the Punt van Reide. There were lots of sheep with lambs on the dike, and Henri made this beautiful photo of this mother and her child. Isn't this sweet :)

21 april 2018

20 april 2018


The magnolia tree in our garden earlier this week. We are having very warm Spring weather! Can you spot the sparrow?

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18 april 2018

Work in progress

The train station area in Assen has been a building site since 2016, but it is all going to be finished later this year. This photo was taken from the temporary bridge that takes train passengers to the other platforms...

...and this is the new roof construction from underneath.

17 april 2018


The view from my seat in the train during a stop at one of the smaller train platforms along the route Zwolle-Groningen.

16 april 2018


Did you know that yellow is the most luminous of all colours?

This field with daffodils from Assen is my contribution to All Seasons.

15 april 2018

In the country

Ter Borg is a hamlet in the Westerwolde region with mainly farmhouses and barns like this one.

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14 april 2018

A Stork's nest

 A stork's nest just outside the village of Deurze.

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13 april 2018

Rolde village square

Rolde is a lively village near Assen in the Dutch province of Drenthe. and has about 4,000 inhabitants. In the background is the Jacobus Church.

12 april 2018


View on the water of the Deurzerdiep, located in the landscape Drentsche Aa.

11 april 2018

Walnuts for sale

Walnuts for sale in front of a house last Sunday in Deurze, near Assen. We bought a bag (15 for eur 1,50) and they tasted very well!

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10 april 2018

No 11

From our walking path near Assen we noticed each nesting-box had its own street number.

9 april 2018


.. the beautifully weathered roof tiles of this barn must have been the same colour of the ones on the farm.

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8 april 2018

7 april 2018

Dutch Landrace goat

Our hiking route passed these Dutch Landrace goats (Nederlandse Landgeit). It's an original breed found in the Netherlands. They have long hair that can come in a few different shades of brown.

They seemed rather interested in us when we passed them, though stayed very friendly even when they realised we didn't bring anything to eat for them.

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