23 juli 2016

Frogs in a pond

More photos from Sweden will follow, but today a picture from my visit to De Buitenplaats Museum and its garden in Eelde last Thursday, where I spotted these two frogs in one of the ponds.

I'm linking to Saturday's Critters on Eileen's blog. Happy weekend :)

22 juli 2016

More Gamla Stan streets

Two more quiet alleys in Stockholm´s Old City, Gamla Stan. Don´t you just love the colours of the buildings?

From the mid-19th century to the early-mid 20th century Gamla Stan was considered a slum, as many of its historical buildings were left in disrepair. From the 1970s and 80s, however, it has become a tourist attraction as the charm of its medieval, Renaissance architecture and later additions have been valued by later generations.

21 juli 2016

Gamla Stan streets

Gamla Stan, the Old Town of Stockholm, was officially called 'Staden mellan broarna' (The Town between the Bridges) until 1980. Its narrow streets with many shops, colourful houses and small galleries attract many tourists.

But if you look well there is a number of interesting medieval alleyways and cobbled streets to explore in this 13th century town. North German architecture has had a strong influence in the Old Town's construction. Several names refer to that period, for instance Tyska Brinken ("German Slope") and the large Tyska kyrkan ("German church").

20 juli 2016

The Hairy Pig Deli sign

During our stay in Sweden this month we took the train one day to visit the beautiful city Stockholm, and where to find more signs than in a big city? :)
This restaurant "The Hairy Pig Deli" can be found at the Österlånggatan in Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm. I googled their website for the origins of the peculiar name, and read that The Hairy Pig Deli began as a dream in the Loire Valley in France. After a succesful wild boar hunt, chef Joseph Turner had the idea of one day opening a restaurant called "The Hairy Pig Deli". And eventually the dream came true much more far north, in Stockholm Sweden!

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19 juli 2016

Mobile home

There's lots of creativity around that is worth noticing. We spotted this very personal "mobile home" at Herrfallet Stugby & Camping in Arboga - Sweden.

18 juli 2016

Tea anyone?

Following up on yesterday's post, this photo was also taken at the Rottneros Flower and Sculpture Garden in Sunne, Sweden.
Isn't this a funny variety in the many kinds of small garden fountains that are for sale these days? :)

17 juli 2016

Vroom vroom!

Photo taken at the Rottneros Flower and Sculpture Park in Sunne, Värmland-Sweden.

Happy Sunday!

16 juli 2016

Weekend reflections

Here I am looking down at my reflection in a wet part of the hike we made a few days ago near the Fämtan Falls in the Swedish province of Värmland.
So we arrived home this afternoon from a wonderful and well-spent two weeks in Sweden! More to follow :)

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2 juli 2016

The flying mill

Photo taken at the TT Balloon Festival in Assen last month. "Anno 1990" means "Of the year 1990".

30 juni 2016

Photographing the photographer

Curious what he was aiming at while floating on a Zwolle canal? I showed you a few days ago, click HERE ... :)

29 juni 2016


 "Fietsje" ("Small Bicycle") is located at the Akerkhof in the centre of Groningen and they sell and repair all kinds of bicycles, including carrier-bicycles as you can see. 
There's something to tell about the name: There used to be a text on the building that said: "huisje -  boompje - beestje" ("House, bells, bliss") and when it became a bicycle shop it sounded logical to add the word "Fietsje" ("bicycle") to it. I hope this makes as much sense in English as it does in Dutch.. :)

Maybe you already noticed on the first photo, they have indeed used the front part of a bicycle (including a crate, handy for groceries!) as a sign.

I'm linking to signs, signs.

28 juni 2016

Zwolle streets

Two random street views from the city of Zwolle, taken last Saturday. This is at the crossing Koestraat / Sassenstraat..

..and this is at the corner Blijmarkt en Kamperstraat. The tower in the background is the Church of Our Lady-tower, though its common name is "Peperbus" ("pepper box"). It was built in the 15th century.

27 juni 2016

Embroidery Show

A weird exhibition at first sight: Rob Scholte´s Embroidery Show in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle. "The collection of almost 1,000 embroidery works shown on the rear side invite viewers to witness the struggle required to make the front as beautiful as possible.

Scholte aligns familiar images of painting by old masters, like The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer. The until now hidden rear sides offer a privileged glimpse into the level of intense work required, as well as revealing the true character of the makers." (info from the museum)

Whether you like the concept or not, I think it's new and original and it does make you look with a different eye. It was charming somehow.

26 juni 2016

Walking over water in Zwolle

As part of the Zwolle Architecture Biennale 2016 this "invisible bridge" takes pedestrians from the Stationsweg to De Fundatie. Yellow boots were available, though a lot of people went barefoot.

With this bridge the architectures in Zwolle like to show how they influence people's perception and space around. I took both photos yesterday.

25 juni 2016

More spectators

Looking left, looking right..    lots of things were happening around them.
Photo taken at the balloon festival in Assen last weekend.

I'm linking to Saturday's Critters on Eileen's blog.

24 juni 2016


Missing not a thing of the stunt rider's demonstration, last weekend in Assen.

23 juni 2016

Bird show

Prior to the balloons getting up in the air (see previous posts) we enjoyed a bird show with birds of prey like this eagle owl..

.. and a fish eagle. Impressive!

22 juni 2016

Walk-in balloon

This old hot-air balloon at the TT Balloon Festival was open for visitors: a "walk-in balloon", or "inloopballon" in Dutch.
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