20 oktober 2014


The reflection of clouds in the Waddensea in the late afternoon, seen from Schiermonnikoog, as we walked to the ferry that would bring us back to Lauwersoog on the mainland. On the left you can see a glimpse of the harbour in the distance.

19 oktober 2014

Signs of Autumn

Earlier today we were cycling near the village of Smeerling (in the south of the province Groningen) and found these beauties next to the road.

18 oktober 2014

From the archives #37

Helsinki, Finland (2006)
The Finnish National Theatre was founded in 1872 and it is the oldest Finnish-language professional theatre in Finland. The building on the photo hosts the National Theatre and was completed in 1902, It was designed by Onni Tarjanne in the National Romantic style, inspired by romantic nationalism. The statue in front is the Finnish national romantic writer Aleksis Kivi. The theatre is located on the northern side of the Helsinki Central Railway Station Square.
We haven't been inside, but I would love to have a further look there!

17 oktober 2014

Ready for winter

I bet they wished they hadn´t "closed" their beach restaurant for the winter, in this lovely weather last Sunday on Schiermonnikoog.

This is how it looked like in May:

16 oktober 2014

The 'wooden' shoe bicycle

Following up on yesterday's post about bicycles for rent on Schiermonnikoog, this one was parked in front of the rental office and ready for action. Enough space for two children in the eye-catching yellow ´wooden´ shoe..

15 oktober 2014

Bicycles for rent

Schiermonnikoog is very popular when it comes to cycling. Many tourists come for a day, or a few days, and rent a bicycle on the island. One of the places where you can go for a bicycle is ´Schierfiets´ in the village. When you enter the street there is a nice sign, and ..

.. they have a similar sign on the front wall of their office. And don´t worry, you won´t have to ride an old fashioned model like this one!

For more signs go to signs, signs.

14 oktober 2014

The white lighthouse

Schiermonnikoog used to have 2 lighthouses, and both were built in 1853. The white one on the picture (also known as the south tower) is located on a high spot in the village. When the other one (the north tower) was installed with a rotating lense in 1911 it wasn't necessary anymore for the island to have 2 lighthouses for landmarks. From 1950 until 1992 it was then in use as a water tower. Nowadays Telecom Services use it for their antennas.

I posted a photo of the red lighthouse (the north tower) a while ago, if you would like to see it click HERE.

13 oktober 2014


Looking at the many footprints you would expect a crowded beach! But there were only a few people, as you can see, even though the weather on Schiermonnikoog was beautiful yesterday. Not that we minded that there wasn't a crowd, to be honest.. :)

12 oktober 2014

Barnacle geese

We had a very nice time hiking on Schiermonnikoog today. Sun and no wind made it feel very comfortable on the island. This photo was taken from the dike which is also the connection from the ferry to the village. Barnacle geese were landing and flying up from the grass fields all the time.

11 oktober 2014

From the archives #36

Rome, Italy (2009)

These are the Spanish Steps in Rome with the fountain Fontana della Barcaccia in front. The 135 steps date from the 18th century, and they climb the steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and the French church Trinità dei Monti at the top. It's obviously a very popular place for tourists to gather. Even though there is a French church at the top and the steps were paid for by the French, the name 'Spanish Steps' was chosen because of the Spanish embassy that was located here in the 17th century.
This photo was taken on a warm and sunny day in November.

10 oktober 2014

Soestdijk Palace watermill

The Soestdijk Palace watermill was built in 1680 and is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It is located in the park behind Soestdijk Palace (which was the home of King Willem-Alexander's grandparents for many years).
Originally it was a combination of water tower and wind-watermill, and there was a grain mill in the tower as well. The water inside the water tower was meant for 2 fountains in the gardens, and with the power the mill created the water was then able to 'reach' the fountains.

Nowadays the Palace shop can be found inside the large round tower. The entrance to the shop however, is clearly a mix of (very) old and new!

9 oktober 2014

Glass lady

Nice art from the collection of Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen.

8 oktober 2014

City Walls Trail

We very much enjoyed the walk on York's city walls, last August!

For more signs around the world go to signs, signs.

7 oktober 2014

Autumn leaves

During the Autumn many villages have these square ´baskets´, as the one here on the front left in the village of Nieuw Buinen, that people can freely use to put in the fallen leaves from their gardens.

6 oktober 2014


The elegant entrance of a B&B in the historical centre of Bourtange.

5 oktober 2014

Bicycle bells

Pretty bicycle bells for sale in a display window in Egmond aan Zee. I like the one with the cow best, which one do you like?

Have a nice Sunday!

4 oktober 2014

From the archives #35

Finland (2005)

The 12 km long Pieni Karhunkierros trail -Finnish for 'Little Bear Ring'- in Oulanka National Park starts in Juuma and follows the river Kitkajoki. The trail is the little sibling of the 80 km Karhunkierros, a famous hiking route in north eastern Finland.
Here is one of the three (long!) suspension bridges that we passed.

For more reflections around the world go to Weekend Reflections.

3 oktober 2014

A bicycle from the war

Certainly not a typical item you would expect to see on an Autumn Fair, but this ´baker´s bicycle from the war´ (according to the label) was for sale in Bourtange. When people say 'the war' it is generally WW2 they are referring to. And note that its tires are solid!

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