1 augustus 2015


The ´Badboot´ is a floating swimming pool at the Kattendijkdok in the Antwerp district ´Het Eilandje´. This photo was taken from the panorama roof of the MAS building.

And this is the Badboot seen from the ground. Nobody was swimming when I took this photo (unforturnately!), but it is advised to make a reservation if you want to swim here as a maximum of 160 people are admitted in the pool at the same time. With a ticket you are allowed to swim for an hour.
In Winter the Badboot is used as a skating rink.

31 juli 2015

Summer flower

Happy to have a day without rain, and some sunny days ahead! This is one of the coneflowers (known as 'zonnehoed' in Dutch) in our garden, it's called echinacea purpurea green edge.

30 juli 2015

Estate gardens

In the gardens of the Menkemaborg, an estate / museum in the village of Uithuizen, in the north of the Netherlands.

29 juli 2015

The chicken

I'm always looking out for original signs, and found this one above the entrance of 'De Kip' ('The Chicken'), a steak & grill house in Antwerp. I read on their website that it has been a restaurant here for 50 years already! Well, the chicken looks a bit aged; maybe she has been looking out on the city streets from her high spot here since the beginning? I'd like to think so :)

For more signs around the world please visit signs, signs.

28 juli 2015

A good idea

Melkmarkt, Antwerp. When the weather is nice and there are no other important things to do, it's definitely a good idea to spend time at a place like this.

27 juli 2015

Cordelia mural

This mural at the Keizerstraat in Antwerp was made on request by the University of Antwerp, and pictures comic book image Cordelia in a variety of poses while studying. On the white wall at the background all university faculties are written.

Cordelia is a creation by Ilah (1971, alias of Inge Heremans), a Flemish cartoonist and comic book writer. Cordelia tells about the life of a Flemish girl who makes people smile because of her frankness, her ability to put things in perspective, and her clumsiness.
The wall is part of the Antwerp Comic Book Mural Trail.

I'm linking to Monday Mural.

26 juli 2015

A wreath made of..

..teapots, cups and saucers! We spotted it on a balcony above an Art & Antique shop in Antwerp. It really gives another meaning to the word ´recycling´..

25 juli 2015

Summer storm

A photo from the buddleja in our garden, taken through a rain-blurred window this morning. An unusually heavy Summer storm is passing The Netherlands today. A 'weather alarm code red' was given for the region along the North Sea coast. Festivals and other events have been cancelled throughout the country. So if you're around, take care.

24 juli 2015


This sculpture called Egnoaber was revealed less than a month ago on the brand new Townhall Square in the village of Emmen.
It was Belgian sculpturor Nick Ervinck (1981) who made this 7 m high runaway tree root-like structure. He was inspired by Eastern as well as Western artistic forms. Egnoaber was designed on Ervincks computer, and was then given shape by the use of polyester.

The new square looks nice and spacious, and has several shallow water 'ponds' in which children can play.
But what to think of Egnoaber up there? I'm not sure. Maybe you can help me? :)

23 juli 2015

Dry saddle

I had never seen this before until last Sunday in Apeldoorn: a public bicycle rack with foldaway little roofs so your saddle won't get wet when it rains! Isn't that clever?

22 juli 2015

Paper Art - Forest Lungs of the World

  Hedgehogs? The ends of broomsticks? No, books!

The creator of this art object made of recycled paperbacks is English artist Julie Dodd. She brings new life and meaning to books, magazines and other discarded materials. Her artwork is based on repetition and inspired by pattern and shape found in nature.
These 'Forest Lungs of the World' are part of the current Paper Art exhibition in the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn.

21 juli 2015

Paper art - Bust of Agrippa

I'm really happy to have visited the Paper Art exhibition at the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn last Sunday! This remarkable piece is the Bust of Agrippa, created from paper by Chinese artist Li Hongbo (1974), who is known for his lifelike paper sculptures made entirely out of paper and glue. His work has been exhibited in museums around the world.

20 juli 2015

Conscience mural

Like the previous Mondays we follow the Antwerp Comic Book Mural Trail, and the one today is Conscience by Jan Bosschaert (1957), a Belgian comics artist, painter and illustrator.

Hendrik Conscience (1812-1883) was a Belgian author. He is considered as the pioneer of Dutch-language literature in Flanders, writing at a time when Belgium was dominated by French among the upper classes, in literature and government.

On this mural a surprised looking Conscience looks down from the City Library on a fountain that spits out letters instead of water!

It's location is the Wolstraat. For more info about the mural trail click HERE, and if you like to see the other murals I posted from the trail just click on the label at the bottom of this post.

I'm linking to Monday Murals.

18 juli 2015

Dressed bicycles

These 2 kid's bicycles were the objects of a creative person! And it looked like the yarn bombing was just done. It's not a new thing obviously, but I like seeing this kind of street art. How about you?

Enjoy your weekend :)

16 juli 2015

The old days

 This year´s theme at the Garderen sand sculpture festival is ´the old days´. The Dutch expression is Grootmoeders Tijd, meaning Grandma's Time. Well, she is knitting a HUGE shawl here.. ;)

..while the rest of the family is singing along with the radio.

15 juli 2015

Traffic signs

It was quite a collection of signs that they put here to block the entrance of this street in Antwerp!
('Uitgezonderd plaatselijk verkeer' means 'Except local traffic'.)

I'm linking to signs, signs.
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