26 maart 2017

Theater entrance

So I took the train to the city of Enschede yesterday to visit the Rijksmuseum Twenthe for their exhibition "In the heart of the Renaissance", more about that later. Then there was time left for a short visit to the city centre, where I happened to pass 'De Kleine Willem' ('The Little William')- which is one of the locations of the Wilmink Theater.

Isn't this a nice scene above the entrance?

23 maart 2017

At the market

The fresh-product market held at the Vismarkt, one of the larger squares in the city of Groningen.

22 maart 2017

Herestraat, Groningen

View into the Herestraat, the main shopping street in the city of Groningen. It has been a pedestrian zone since the 1960s, until then trams and trolley buses rode here.

21 maart 2017

Miffy statue

Another interesting artwork by South African artist Joseph Klibansky is this "Equilibrio Iconico", a statue of Miffy that embodies the idea of balance between career, family life and youth. It belongs to the exhibition "Leap of Faith", now in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle.

In 2015 -when 60 years of Miffy were celebrated- the statue was part of the Miffy Art Parade, to honour Miffy, her creator and fans of all ages worldwide. If you would like to read more about the project and the other artists that took part click HERE.

20 maart 2017

Ghost sign

On the corner of the Diezerstraat and Hagelstraat in Zwolle is this ghost sign saying "Kent u onze Haagsche, Saksische en vitamine leverworst?", a Dutch advertisement meaning "Do you know our Hague, Saxon and vitamin liverwurst?". The lit. translation for our 'leverworst' would be 'liver sausage' though according to the web the word 'liverwurst' is used as an anglicization of the German 'Leberwurst'.
Are you still with me? ;)

Here in the Netherlands liverwurst is commonly eaten on sandwiches, or in slices as savoury bites. Apparently the Dutch city of The Hague and Saxony (a federal state of Germany) are known for their own types of liverwurst. And for the word 'vitamin' in the advertisement: liverwurst contains a lot of vitamin A.
The wall advertisement belonged to J.H.G. Alferink, who owned a butchery here from 1940.

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19 maart 2017

Kamperstraat, Zwolle

View into the Kamperstraat in Zwolle. The tower in the background is the 75 m high Onze-Lieve-Vrouwetoren ('Our Lady Tower'), known as the Peperbus or 'Pepper Box' because of its shape.

18 maart 2017

Bringing Spring inside

I bought hyacinths yesterday. Love their strong fragrance once the flowers are in bloom.
Happy Saturday!

17 maart 2017

Weekend Reflections

Recently I showed you a few items from the exhibition "Leap of Faith" with works by South African contemporary artist Joseph Klibansky, currently in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle. This is another eye-catching item.

"Klibansky's exhibition revolves around our current concept of 'faith', which is no longer experienced strictly from a religious perspective, but felt more as a general sentiment of hope for mankind and the planet's future. This idea is clearly expressed in the larger than life bronze sculpture that gave the exhibition its title. It depicts an astronaut carrying a heavy golden cross, a powerful amalgam of modern and old symbols." (From the museum website)

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16 maart 2017


View into the Diezerstraat, the main shopping street in Zwolle.

15 maart 2017

Jewellery shop sign

Above the entrance of Duijvestein Juweliers (Duijvestein Jewellery) in the Diezerstraat in Zwolle hangs a pretty clock, or large pocket-watch. Isn't it nice with it's golden details..

The main purpose of a sign is to attract attention, and I think it does just that. For me anyway ;)

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14 maart 2017

Spring weather

We are having lovely Spring weather with temperatures around 13°C (55°F) during the day. It's nice to see the sun again!

These photos were taken last Sunday in the Schapenpark nature area, near the villages of Exloo and Odoorn.

I'm linking to All Seasons.

13 maart 2017

Wall advertising

For dozens of years there was an empty frame on a wall along the Papenstraat in Zwolle. Then, on request of the owner of the building, the inside of the frame was examined and old text was discovered underneath several layers of paint. After 150 hours of carefully scraping away paint, 5 different historical wall advertisements were found dating from the period 1890-1955: from a shoemaker, two from a bicycle dealer, and two from a furniture maker.

Two sheets of paper underneath the frame explain what can be seen here. Nice fact is that the cleaning project was named "Project Toverbal" ("The Gobstopper Project"), as -like the candy reveals different colours- each layer dissolves a different item.
For a few more photos from the project go to their website HERE.

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12 maart 2017


This is the "Pelserbrugje", from which yesterday´s photo was taken. The Pelserbrugje (Little Pelser Bridge) is a drawbridge for pedestrians and cyclists across the Thorbecke Canal in Zwolle.

The bridge was built in 1974 and was named after the "pelsers" ("pels" is Dutch for fur, a "pelser" is an old Dutch word for someone who processes fur) who worked in this area in the 15th century.

11 maart 2017

Weekend Reflection

View across the Thorbecke Canal in the city centre of Zwolle.

I'm linking to Weekend Reflections.

10 maart 2017

Nobody ever..

Following up on yesterday´s post this is another piece by Joseph Klibansky; a wall sculpture with a pink neon text "Nobody ever made me fall in love like this".

"Klibansky's work reflects the world of today, or rather: tomorrow's world. Inspired by technology, fashion, design, architecture, travel and music his work gives shape to a world that balances utopia with nightmare" (from the exhibition "Leap of Faith" in Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle)

9 maart 2017

Bare Hug

A really wonderful exhibition currently in the Fundatie Museum in Zwolle is "Leap of Faith" with works by Joseph Klibansky (1984). This South African contemporary artist was born in South Africa and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. The exhibition shows 3 dimensional as well as 2 dimensional pieces, and I must say that especially his polished bronze sculptures were most charming!

This sculpture is named `Bare Hug` (spelled correctly ;). Leap of Faith in the Fundatie is his first solo exhibition in a Dutch museum. Check out his website HERE.

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