29 september 2016

The Texel Soup Kettle

 DE TEXELSE SOEPKETEL, or 'The Texel Soup Kettle', is a foodtruck that had a former life as a fire engine on the island of Texel, which explains most likely the kind of enchanting "70s look". Not just offering "soup", but "fresh and delicious pure organic soups made with love and pride" as is stated on their website.
That there were no happy customers when I took this photo in the village of Den Burg must be due to the fact that it wasn't near lunch time (or dinner time). Next time we will definitely try :)

28 september 2016

Texel Schapenboet

A 'schapenboet' is a typical Texel sheep barn, though they have never been used to keep sheep inside (for this they were too small) but only to store hay and other sheep food. The barns are located on a piece of land on some distance from the farms. The shape of the roof is called a 'saddle roof', which is bevelled on one side.

The schapenboet on the photo dates from the 19th century and is located just outside De Koog village, upon entering the Slufter nature area. The barn was renovated and registered as a local monument. It is now in use as an official and original -typical Texel- wedding location; inside is room for 40-50 people.

27 september 2016

Coffee time

Enjoying coffee and lemon-cheesecake sitting in the gardens of the estate 'Landgoed De Bonte Belevenis', near Den Hoorn on the island of Texel.

26 september 2016

New blackberries

During our hike yesterday we were surprised to see so many blackberry bushes carrying new, though still red and unripe, fruit. August is our "blackberry month" and I guess because September in the Netherlands has been so unusually warm, dry and sunny, new blackberries have grown. Autumn seems hesitant to arrive..

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25 september 2016

Love Rock

Somehow I have a hard time understanding people who feel the need to carve their names (added by a date and/or a heart, or 'I was here' for instance) on trees or benches, or write on rocks, or wherever. On this boulder however everyone is invited to "Write down the name of your beloved on this stone".
Well..feel welcome! :)

You can find this stone when you park your car near the lighthouse on the northern tip of Texel, and then walk to the entrance of the beach. Apparently it's also a kind of memorial stone, as the last line is "For Louise van der Sluis, 24 November 2010".

24 september 2016

Rainbow lorikeet

 My husband took this photo of a 'Regenbooglori' (Rainbow lorikeet) at 'Eureka Texel - Orchidee├źn & Vogelbush' , an orchid and birdbush on the island of Texel.

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23 september 2016

Artichoke flower

I know artichoke is a vegetable (don't think I ever tasted one though..), but I surely didn't know that the artichoke grows beautiful flowers! I was really amazed :)
Photo made last weekend in the gardens of the estate 'Landgoed De Bonte Belevenis' on the island of Texel.

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22 september 2016


This car was parked near our appartment in De Koog (Texel). Not totally unique, but it still brought a smile on my face :)
I blurred the licence plate for privacy reasons..

21 september 2016


 At the top of the North Sea beach near De Koog village, on the island of Texel. The signs (mainly) point to a number of beach restaurants.

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20 september 2016

Fruit jam for sale

For sale along the road in De Koog, a Texel village: fruit jam ('vruchtenjam' in Dutch), for instance jam made from blueberries + grapes. (in Dutch: 'blauwe bessen + druiven')

And it's all home-made!

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19 september 2016

Texel beach

 We spent the past few days on the Dutch island of Texel, hence the blogging break :) This photo was taken yesterday at the North Sea Beach, just south of the Slufter Nature Area.

15 september 2016

Atlas Theater

The 'Atlas Theater' is a brandnew theater in Emmen located at the Raadhuisplein. The building was finished in June of this year and is fully ready for the new theater season starting in October. It's a multi-functional building; besides a theater the building houses a conference room, restaurants and offices.

The Atlas Theater (note the green roof!) also acts as the entrance to 'Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen', an adventure theme park with 3 areas: Jungola, Serenga, and Nortica. Wildlands opened in March 2016 and 'replaced' the Emmen Zoo. Part of the zoo animals moved to Wildlands, such as elephants, giraffes, rhinos, polar bears, and baboons.

14 september 2016

The painted caravan

Zwolle artist Jeroen van Doornik painted the 'Herman Brood caravan' on the occasion of the 'year of Herman Brood'. Brood (1946-2001) was a Dutch musician and painter; due to his artistic and commercial success in the 1970s and 1980s he was called "the greatest and only Dutch rock 'n' roll star". He was also a so-called enfant terrible, known for his hedonistic lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
The caravan is part of the current exhibition "Zwolle in the '70s and '80s" in the Zwolle City Museum. Herman Brood was born in Zwolle.
If you would like to read more about him click HERE.

13 september 2016

Hot day

 We had another hot day today with blazing sun, apparently the hottest 13th of September in Dutch history: about 32°C (89,6°F)!!  I wish I´d been at the beach today and cool my feet in the seawater, but that wasn´t the case :)
This photo was taken a few weeks ago and shows the North Sea coast near Zandvoort.

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12 september 2016

Sparkling wine mural

This mural in Zandvoort appears to advertise for Freixenet, a sparkling wine produced in Spain. The wall obviously belongs to a restaurant, however the few left tables and chairs do not look very inviting.

It's a very nice mural though.

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11 september 2016


 In contrast to the past days and the days ahead (according to the weather forecast), today is cloudy and fairly cool. I took this photo about an hour ago, using the rotatable screen of our Nikon which makes it look like I am standing underneath the New England aster (symphyotrichum novae-angliae), in Dutch known as 'herfstaster'.

10 september 2016

Alley view

A late afternoon view from the Oudestraat into the shadows of an alley called the Melksteeg, in the city of Kampen. The fishing net hanging there at the end is from a pet supply store.

9 september 2016


 As you may know (or not know haha) spiders are my biggest fear, but on a slightly foggy morning like ours today I can't resist going into the garden and admire what I see..

.. here in the buddleja..

..and if you look close they are like complex moleculair models..

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