22 november 2014

From the archives #41

Athens, Greece (2010)
Most likely visiting the Temple of Olympian Zeus (also known as the Olympieion) on her own, this lady took her time to make a selfie with the ruins in the background.

21 november 2014

Marga Weimans exhibition

These photos taken in the Groninger Museum are from the first major solo exhibition of the work of Dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans (1970). She graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Art in Antwerp in 2005, and is seen as one of the most striking designers of this moment. This creation 'Wonderland' was made of colourful felt, and was inspired by the contrast between dream and reality.

Characteristic for Weimans work are the richly contrasting graphic patterns, by means of which she refers to her Surinamese background. The theme of the collection of this last photo is 'Citylife'.

I visited the Groninger Museum yesterday, and just managed to view this wonderful exhibition as it ends this Sunday.

20 november 2014

Take a book, return a book

From what I´ve read there are many Little Free Libraries in the Netherlands already, but this one in the Texel island village of Den Burg was actually the first one that I have seen here. I must say I love the idea and hope a lot of Dutch people agree with me :)  As the text on it is in English I guess this little library was imported, in Dutch they are called ´straatbieb´.
If you're new to it and would like to read more, click HERE for their official website.

19 november 2014

A sign of love

Never mind that it was a grey and rainy Sunday, love was clearly in the air! We took this 'bird's eye view' photo of the Texel beach from the top of the lighthouse.

For more signs around the world visit Lesley's signs, signs,

18 november 2014

A street in Den Burg

We enjoyed a short break at the North Sea coast on Texel, one of the Dutch Wadden islands. This photo was taken in Den Burg, the main village.

13 november 2014


An exhibition of colourful glass in Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. In the background you can see just a glimpse of the Waalbrug, an arch bridge over the Waal River.

12 november 2014


This is called a 'TOP', short for (in Dutch) 'Toeristisch OverstapPunt', something like 'Tourist Transfer Point'. A TOP is a kind of landmark where tourists 'arrive' and can start a marked cycle or hiking route, or any kind of activity. These signs can be found in various regions of the Netherlands. Here in the province of Groningen it's a cone filled with stones, other places have a steal key, or a large stalk for instance.

This particular one is located near the train station in Stadskanaal.

Linking to signs, signs.

11 november 2014

10 november 2014

Peanut man

It is getting colder now, and it won´t be long before we will be feeding the birds in our garden again. This 'peanut man' was for sale at one of the Autumn fairs we visited.

9 november 2014


In Keramiekmuseum Het Princesshof in Leeuwarden I photographed this piece of earthenware art by Dutch sculptor and ceramist Adriaan Rees (1957), named 'Ascanius 1'. When I googled on the name I found that in Greek and Roman mythology, Ascanius was the son of a Trojan prince. I have no idea though about its connection with this image or why it is blowing air so intensely!

8 november 2014

From the archives #40

Iceland (2008)

This is the harbour of Husavik, a town on the north coast of Iceland on the shores of Skjalfandi bay. As different species of whales frequently visit the bay, whale watching has become very popular here. Boat tours are made with small fishing boats, and take about 3 hours. We were lucky to spot several 9 meters long Northern Bottlenose whales (in Dutch: Noordelijke Butskoppen) and dolphins.

7 november 2014


..with love from the sky!

Foto taken from our home early this morning. Linking to Skywatch Friday.

6 november 2014

The 'gaper'

Another image of a 'gaper', or 'someone who yawns', above the entrance of a (former) chemist. By seeing this head people knew where to go if they needed a medicine to cure a cold, etc. I have posted them before on this blog, they are a sign from the past and a tradition I like to see.
Photo taken in the city of Nijmegen.

5 november 2014


A sign almost as big as a bus! ;)  Seen in the village of Richmond, Yorkshire, last Summer.

For more signs around the world go to signs, signs.

4 november 2014

Woudagemaal and IJsselmeer

This is my last post (for now) from the Woudagemaal, showing the backside of the pumping station building and the 4 heavy doors that can regulate the waterflow to and from the IJsselmeer,

Taken from almost the same spot, but looking backwards to the IJsselmeer here. This shallow artificial lake of 1100 km2 borders the Dutch provinces of Flevoland, North Holland and Friesland. The IJsselmeer is the largest lake in Western Europe. If you would like to read more click HERE.

3 november 2014

Woudagemaal industrial heritage

I'm following up on last week's posts about the pumping station 'Woudagemaal' in Lemmer. The pumping station, a great example of industrial heritage in our country, is currently used to supplement the existing pumping capacity of the Hooglandgemaal (in the town of Stavoren) in case of exceptionally high water levels in the province of Friesland; this happens a few days per year.
When the Woudagemaal is started up, it takes about 6 hours to have the machines fully operating. After that, 4 people are needed during a day to keep the pumps running.

Both photos were taken inside the pumping station. The sign at the bottom photo saying 'WERKSPOOR N.V. AMSTERDAM' refers to the largest machine factory that existed in the Netherlands in the 19th century, employing over 1,000 people in the year 1850.

2 november 2014

Warm November day

A soft breeze, a bright sun and blue skies, birds chasing eachother through a bush, and neighbours who were mowing their lawns. This was our 1st of November, with record breaking high temperatures of about 21°C (69,8°F) in the south of the Netherlands!
But let's be realistic. In less than 1,5 months we'll be decorating our Christmas trees again.. ;)

I took this photo yesterday afternoon, zooming in on the cherry tree in our garden.

1 november 2014

From the archives #39

Vancouver Island, Canada (2012)

In the Inner Harbour of Victoria, on Vancouver Island (BC). It was a real joy to listen to this street artist!
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